Celebrity Deaths in History March 10, 2013

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Died on this date:
Corey Haim – Actor (The Lost Boys)
Ross Hunter – Producer/Actor (Airport ’77)
Lloyd Bridges – Actor (Airplane!)
Jack Grimes – Actor (Star Blazers)
Samuel Ornitz – Actor (One Man’s Journey)
Andy Gibb – Singer
Mary Beal – Silent Film Actress
Walter Butterworth – Actor (Kraft Theater)
Tully Marshall – Actor (Ball of Fire)
Ralph Chambers – Actor (The More the Merrier)
Marguerite De La Motte – Actresss (The Pagan God)
Doris DurantI – Actress (Under the Southern Cross)
Iran Eory – Actress (Ensayo General para la Muerte)
Dorothy Janis – Actress (The Overland Express)
June Marlowe – Actress (Our Gang/Little Rascals)
Lana Saunders – Actress (The Six Million Dollar Man)
Irene Tedrow – Actress (Leave It to Beaver)
Irene Worth – Actress (The Scapegoat)
Georges Bouvier – Actor (Que Dieu Vous Soit En Aide)


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